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Soulmate Cocktail Bar



Vienna | 1070






Located on Neubaugasse, one of the charming streets in Vienna's 7th district, this venue at number 52 was previously known for a different concept. When the idea to transform it into a cocktail bar emerged, the Miaza team thoroughly examined the venue’s dynamics. They explored ways to offer a comfortable and enjoyable experience in the limited space available. The main area on the ground floor and mezzanine features high tables and a bar front, while the upper floor boasts a stretched-out lounge chair facing a concept of chairs, catering to the needs of a diverse group of visitors and creating a delightful space. A dark theme was chosen for the venue, with the ceiling adorned in metallic coverings shaped in three-dimensional forms. To enhance the music experience, other surfaces were draped in multi-layered velvet curtains. The bar design included special details like marble surfaces with a rare leather finish, adding a touch of uniqueness.

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